Packaging Machinery Source in China

Typical bag form

Packaging material

Heat sealable film roll, complex film such as OPP+CPP, OPP+PE, single layer PE..., etc.

Operating principle

Vertical Form Fill Seal packing machine delivers most cost-effective solution for massive production by forming bags from fill roll, printing data on the bag, filling preset weight of products into bag and sealing the bag according to the preset size.

Related products

Multihead Weigher‍, Linear Weigher‍, Checkweigher‍, Metal Detector, X-ray Inspector

Conveyor and Elevator, support structure.

Optional devices

Guessted bag forming device

Chain bags forming device
Hole punching device
Tear notch device
Gas filling device
PE film sealing device
Dust cleaning device

                                                                    Also we manufacture customized VFFS according to your specific demand. Please contact our enginner to get more information.